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Jump Your Way Into A New You

A series of research projects have all concluded that exercise actually changes our personality…

It has been confirmed that being more physically active tends to bring people more out of themselves as they develop a sense of confidence which tends to be expressed in ways such as: being more extraverted, more conscientious of others, more agreeable and more option to new experiences and ideas… that’s right exercise can actually make someone a nicer a person! (Know anyone you want to buy a gym membership for…)

A study title: 'Phsycial activity in older age: perspectives for healthy ageing and fraitly' by Jamie S. McPhee, David P. French, Dean Jackson, James Nazroo, Neil Pendleton, and Hans Degensfollowed more then 6,000 ‘middled-aged’ participants for 20-years examining various links between exercise routines and personality expression…

Not only did the study find that in times when people where exercising they tended to be more agreeable and generally nicer people; but also, that this expression of themselves correlated to other achievements in life that tend to be linked to such expressions of self.

This included participant reporting that in times when feeling confident and expressing oneself more openly they tended to attract more positive energy around them which linked to life achievements. And that while being a peak fitness, they found it easier to think more flexibly and partake in more creative problem-solving strategies…

So, get more about life by heading out there for some joyful movement exercise strategies now!

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