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Raising Your Standards is the Key to Personal Progress

Achieving success is not easy and looking upon oneself as a successful person is often even more difficult… So, what is the secret to achieving person success? Here is one thought! If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be, have you ever considered that perhaps your standards are probably too low. If being 12kgs overweight is acceptable to you, you’re probably 18kgs overweight. If living in your parent’s basement is okay with you, then you’ll likely be down there until you’re 40 (or they kick you out). Most people believe they’re being reasonable, or non-selfish, when they set low standards. But you get what you tolerate in life. Never forget that the standards we are willing to walk

The Power of a Compelling Outcome

Do you feel that you lack discipline and grit? It’s more likely you’re suffering from a lack of motivation. When you don’t have a vision for the future that excites and motivates you, it’s very challenging to keep putting in the time and effort necessary to accomplish a big goal. Without a compelling future, each step forward can feel like torture. You can create a highway to your dreams by having a clear and compelling outcome in mind. Whenever your motivation is lagging, you can return to that picture. Use these strategies to maintain a compelling outcome and change your life for the better: Strategy One: Have a compelling outcome for every goal. Sit down and make a list of all of your goa

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