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Clinical & Coach Supervision

I provide supervision for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, social workers, hypnotherapists, and other mental health-related disciplines through face-to-face work, group sessions, and virtual online technologies.


I believe that quality supervision is the result of a strategic partnership that involves planning and structure.  When working with me I will explore all areas that affect your professional capacity to provide quality service to your clients, including:


  • Personal self where appropriate as it impacts on your work;

  • Professional self and clinical practice;

  • Your business model and its future security; and 

  • Any specific industry or work-related issues.




I provide one-on-one supervision by means of in-person meetings in my rooms or by online platforms.


In the session we shall explore:


  1. How are you doing?

  2. Any specific client challenges you are confronting? and

  3. How is your business / position management model working for you now?


Group Work:


With group supervision, I tend to encourage peer dialogue to help us better understand blocks we might be confronted with in regard to our clients or ourselves. The three objectives detailed above are the cornerstone of the process.

Coaches Connect:


Coaches Connect is where coaching, counselling, and therapy meet...  It is peer support and group supervision session over a shared meal.  The process is designed to be relaxed and social, empowering participants to establish strong repour with one another…


Working from a philosophical inquiry model we encourage support integrative practice of the disciplines of coaching, counselling, and therapy.

Building A Private Practice:


Going into private practice can be challenging; each year I facilitate a 3-session Private Practice Start-Up business coaching model... In the course of the program we shall address:

  1. How to make the practice effective; and

  2. How you can be more effective as a practitioner.

Find out More:


Feel free to contact me to find out more about how we could work together, I always like to have a chat before we start working together to see if I'm the right kinda guy to assist you in the capacity of a Supervisor... so let's connect and let me know what you are wanting from your Supervisor and I'll let you know if I can assist...



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Shane Warren

With over three decades of experience as a registered mental practitioner in private practice, Shane boasts certification as a clinical supervisor and maintains affiliation with the College of Supervisors ACA.

Shane's approach to client relationships is deeply informed by his extensive academic journey, spanning theology, philosophy, counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy.

Beyond his role as a private practitioner, Shane is internationally sought after as a wellbeing consultant in corporations and is widely recognized as an esteemed author. With over 10 published works to his credit, titles such as "Perspectives on Coping and Resilience," "Diversity in Coaching," and "Navigating LGBTGEQIAP+ Terminology" stand out as particularly influential.

Shane's contributions to the profession underscore his commitment to diverse perspectives and the advancement of understanding within the realms of mental health and coaching. He remains actively engaged in global industry and regulatory bodies, further enhancing his impact on the professions he serves.

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