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Clinical Services


Working from a multi-disciplined approach I offer a number of services to help my clients grow and move forward.  We often apply these services to such things as addiction counselling, career coaching, anxiety management, resilience development, stress management, relationship counselling, life coaching, weight management, sex coaching, anger control, quit smoking, executive coaching, family therapy, parent coaching, sexuality counselling and loads more,  Some of the specific methods applied are...

Psychotherapy & Coaching


For me, counselling is not a time to ‘fix’ people but rather a time when we walk on a journey together where I will challenge you to look at things in a different way and give you a little ‘push’ to try things out differently…


I am trained in many different methodologies in counselling ranging from CBT to Gestalt to Narrative to NLP and more. 


I apply these teachings to help people through a variety of life challenges including, but not limited to, sexuality – relationship – grief – life crisis – aging and life changes – or whatever ‘yuck’ space you find yourself in!



This is a skill I use with patients who are open to exploring the subconscious. 


Although I will use this method in a clinical setting many of my clients like to use it to help with weight management, overcoming substance abuse, beating addictions, quitting smoking and much more…


It is important to note I do not see hypnosis as a ‘magic button’ where after one session your world is wonderful, but rather it is a useful tool to assist us on a pathway to healing and change.

Body Work


Although I do not generally market myself as a bodywork practitioner I from time-to-time call upon my training in yoga, qi gong, tai chi, massage, and fitness to work with clients to help them overcome some emotional blocks or other issues...

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