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These resources are provided free to help you find solutions to some of the challenges of life.  If you wish to reproduce any of these sheets all we ask is that you acknowledge the source...

Thinking Man on Couch
Avoiding Pain and Grief


If you find yourself avoiding your pain and grief then click download here to remind yourself…

Camp Fire
Burn Your Fears

Do you find yourself consumed by anxious thoughts and fears?  If you want to let go of some of these thoughts follow the exercise here…

Person Writing
Continuous Journaling

This worksheet will help you to follow the process writing out your thoughts…

Create More Luck

Are you feeling a little unlucky?  If so then download this worksheet to reflect on some 'luck thoughts'…



Shane Warren

PO Box 1295, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia

+61 2 8213 2442




SYDNEY: Hargrave Street, Darlinghurst

MELBOURNE: St Kilda Road, Melbourne 

GOLD COAST: The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

BRISBANE: Queens Street, Brisbane

SINGAPORE: Erskine Road, Chinatown

HONG KONG:  Peking Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

2010 - present

2010 - present

Summer Family Dinner
Family Mission Statement

What is your family’s purpose?  What makes your family unique?  Follow these thoughts and you will understand more…

At the Meeting Room
First 100 Days of a Leader

Are you beginning a new leadership role?  If so take a minute think about these pointers…

Download Here
Memorial Candle

Living with the loss of someone we loved?  This slide series will help you understand the mix of emotions you might be feeling…

Two Men
Get Me Some Grit

A presentation shared with a team of consultants working through COVID fatigue....

Gay Couple Walking on Beach
Light and Shadow Portrait
High Plank
Celebration Circle
Young Entrepreneur
Lazy Morning
Chipped White Pot
Wooden Bowl
Love, Happiness and Relationship

A talk given by Shane Warren at the Sydney Gay Meditation Group exploring life in context of love, happiness and relationship…

Networking for Career Success

Hate networking?  Then give this a look over it might help…

Nice Thoughts

Here are some challenges to reflect on over the course of a day – take one statement and ponder on it for 24-hours…

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

Are you being honest to those around you?

Relationship Ten Commandments

Take a minute to reflect on some of the values you need within your relationship…

Reaching Out Circle

The IRIS Strength # 1 for Emotional Resilience…

Six Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship

Here are some secrets that will make a difference to achieving… 

Sleep Tips

Are you having some trouble sleeping?  If so here are some tips to help overcome this challenge…

The Cracked Pot

An interesting reflection of what is important…

The Wooden Bowl

More interesting thoughts about what is important…

To Let Go

Why are you holding onto what is not serving you well?

Download Here
Big Wheel
Wheel of Life

An exercise to reflect upon what is challenging a sense of complete life for you…

Senior Woman Dancing
33-Day Dance Challenge Reflective Journal

To help motivate you on your journey, and to assist in gaining the most from this challenge use this journal to reflect on your journey…

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