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"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye"

[H. Jackson Brown Jr]

We like to think that being a sex stud comes naturally, but the truth is more of us then we hear about in polite social settings need help gaining sexual confidence…


Trust me more then you know live with feelings of shame, embarrassment and even guilt around sexual experiences such as premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, 


With a combination of hypnotherapy, confidence coaching and psychotherapy we can often help to overcome the thought patterns that tend to limit us from performing our best in the bedroom.

Sexual Hypnosis for Men
Sex Coaching for Gay Men

Do you feel a little less than adequate in the sack?  Are you worried that your partners are not getting off by you?  Perhaps you find it hard to take anal sex? Or live with premature ejaculation?


If any of this or other sex matters concern you then let’s talk – I am a psychotherapist who uses hypnotherapy and coaching techniques to help guys feel better about themselves and more confident with their sexual performance.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a service that helps people with their sexual functioning, sexual well-being, and personal relationships; it is designed to help you lift the veil of concern and doubt so that you too may feel sexually confident.  My services in this area help people who may have psychosexual concerns or those who are dissatisfied with their sex lives…


Through my work as a sex therapist, I have assisted clients to overcome issues related to:


Desire Discrepancy

Erectile Dysfunction


Libido Matters

Premature Ejaculation

Sex Addiction

Sex Anxiety


Sexuality Concerns

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is a time when couples get to work through conflict, communication challenges and intimacy issues that are making being together hard.


What we do in relationship counselling is very broad as each couple is unique so let’s start with an open conversation…

I tend to work a lot with non-traditional relationships as people explore open relationship dynamics, polyamory, and more.


Watch out for our jealousy special coaching program within the #Fit4Sex series.

#Fit4Sex Series - Mindfulness Based Group Coaching & Group Therapy:
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