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Put simply anejaculation means no ejaculation characterised by an inability to ejaculate semen. Which of course can create great stress and deeply affect an individual's confidence, as well as a couple's connected intimacy.

It is important to note that men who have this problem do produce sperm it is just not expelled during ejaculation even though they may still experience the feelings and sensation of orgasm.

Anejaculation can be subdivided into a number of areas:

  • Situational anejaculation: This is when there is the ability to ejaculate in certain situations but not in others. This can frequently be triggered by stress, or if you able to ejaculate during intercourse but not through masturbation, or the other way around, this would also be defined as situational anejaculation.

  • Total anejaculation: This is defined as when a man is completely unable to ejaculate in any situation.

  • Anorgasmic anejaculation: This is the condition defined by the inability to achieve orgasm in any circumstances during the waking hours, but frequently with an ability to reach both orgasm and ejaculation while asleep.

  • Orgasmic anejaculation: This is when a man is able to reach orgasm but does not ejaculate semen. This is likely to have a physical cause, for example nerve damage or tube blockage, or even retrograde ejaculation in which semen is expelled into the bladder rather than through the tip of the penis.

The causes of anejaculation are as varied as how it presents itself. Often mind-over-matter can help when a physical reason has not been identified. This is where the power of hypnosis and subconscious scripting can be helpful.


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