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Surprising Reasons You’re Feeling Unmotivated – And How To Fix It


Motivation is key when it comes to productivity in the workplace. But research shows that 42% of adults under the age of 50 have been struggling to find it ever since the pandemic started, as reported by Business Insider. Not only does this affect the quality of their work, but it can also affect a company’s overall operations. There are different factors that can contribute to the growing lack of motivation. Some may feel increasingly stressed due to the aftermath of the Covid-19 virus, others might be going through difficult times because of unrelated factors. Here are just a few of the reasons you may be suffering from de-motivation and how you can address these concerns:

You are feeling overwhelmed

As mentioned earlier, stress can be a big contributing factor when it comes to finding motivation. When people feel overwhelmed with their tasks, they have a tendency to feel hopeless and overburdened which can seriously deter you from working at your best. Our past article on how to Hold Onto Hope highlights the different ways you can address the issue. The first thing you should do is try to focus on things you can control. Part of feeling overwhelmed is realizing that things aren’t going your way so it is important to look at what you can actually take charge of. This will help you feel like you are in control again and not like you are drowning in responsibility. You should also take steps to take care of yourself. Try taking short breaks to help collect your thoughts better and take away the stress for a few moments. This will aid in clearing your mind so you can address the issues head-on.

You have bad posture

One thing people don’t think about is their posture. When you are working a desk job from nine to five, you may tend to try to sit in a relaxed position, slouching and straining your neck. Total Wellness Magazine explains that good posture can lead to a better disposition, increasing your overall motivation.

One way you can do this is by using an ergonomic chair in your office. They are equipped with proper lumbar support that will take away any lower backaches you may suffer from after a long day of work. The Aeron Tilt Limiter is great for this because it is designed for comfort with its padded seat, breathable mesh back, and adjustable settings. Using an ergonomic chair while working can seem like a small change but it can positively affect your motivation without you even noticing.

Your surroundings are not conducive

Another thing that can cause you to be demotivated is your surroundings. If you are in a place where you are not comfortable, you may feel less driven to work well. If you are in an office, you can make some simple adjustments to make your area feel more homey and conducive to working.

Try adding one or two plants to your desk to make your office feel more relaxing. You can also put some picture frames with photos of your loved ones or people who inspire you to increase your motivation. If you like travelling, hang an image of your dream destination. Doing these will help you feel inspired to continue working and make your space feel a little less like an office and a little more like an area that is carved out for you. Finding motivation in these trying times can be difficult but is certainly not impossible. Use these tips to put yourself in a better disposition to get you through your workday.

Contributed by Wendy Rose Alexander



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