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Is stretching good for mental wellbeing?

Putting aside the overwhelming growth of yoga studios in the western world I am going work from an assumption we all agree stretching must be good for us and certainly can help us all have a sexy shape body wise… But does it really do anything for our mental fitness? In the schools of psychotherapy and counselling we are becoming more and more open to the links between mind and body, as we move to accept that stretching can reduce the pressures of co-existing conditions between mental health and chronic physical pain. Science tells us when you stretch, your body releases endorphins which interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain which clinical we know help

Make Life Interesting: View Everything as a Test

It’s helpful to view life as just a series of tests to be solved. Some of these tests were created by your own choices. Others are the result of randomness. Either way, the test still has to be taken and passed. It might be a test of your cleverness. Another day, it might be a test of your perseverance. This viewpoint makes life a little more interesting and less threatening. If you pass the test, great. If you don’t pass the test, that’s fine too. Failing is not a loss, but rather a highlight of what you need to learn to advance further in your life. Consider the advantages of looking at life as a series of interesting tests: TEST ONE: It’s just a puzzle to be solved. View the goals and the

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