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8 Reasons Why You Must Know Your Purpose

8 Reasons Why You Must Know Your Purpose with Shane Warren

There are so many reasons why it’s important to have a purpose. However, most people have never considered what their purpose is. It can be challenging to establish your purpose if you seem to spend all of your energy just surviving your day to day life. However, knowing your purpose can make life a lot easier!

If you have ever worked with me you will know I am always on about understanding what it is that gives us that deep drive, gives us purpose. It is worth every effort to take the time to discover your purpose and to build your life around that purpose.

Consider these reasons why you might want to discover your purpose:

Reason 1: Knowing your purpose provides a foundation for making decisions. How will you make a decision that’s right for you if you don’t know your purpose? What can you benchmark outcomes against? When your purpose is clear, your options become much easier to evaluate.

  • Whether your goal is to attend Harvard Law School, run a marathon, or start your own company, knowing your purpose makes the best option for nearly any decision much clearer.

Reason 2: When you know your purpose, you’re more likely to persevere. It’s easy to give up if you’re not committed. Your purpose is the thing that you’re committed to. When those inevitable obstacles pop up, you’ll be in a much better position to overcome them.

Reason 3: Life is short. Why go through each day mindlessly wandering around? You have a direction for your life when you have a purpose.

  • Your purpose might be saving the albino zebras or becoming a horror novelist. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, but you can live a more meaningful life if you identify it.

Reason 4: Knowing your purpose provides clarity. You know what’s important and what isn’t if your purpose is clear to you. If you’re obsessed with making the PGA Tour, there’s no reason to worry about politics or the fact that your neighbour isn’t mowing his grass. You have bigger fish to fry.

Reason 5: It minimizes distractions. Many of the distractions in your life are the things that interest you, but not enough to be a genuine purpose. It’s the things that you like to dabble in that can be distracting. When you have a real purpose, these semi-serious interests get kicked to the curb.

Reason 6: It all but guarantees success. With greater focus and perseverance, you’re much more likely to be successful. It’s very difficult to be successful at something you feel half-hearted about.

  • Imagine something that you’re totally committed to achieving. Now, imagine that it’s also very meaningful to you, and it’s also very interesting to you. How likely are you to be successful?

  • Contrast that with something you’re only mildly interested in that you consider to be rather meaningless. How successful will you be? The difference in your results would be staggering.

Reason 7: It adds to your charisma. Someone with a purpose is much more interesting than someone who is just drifting through life. You’re much more attractive to others when your purpose is clear to you. Let’s face it, interesting people are very sexy at a party!

  • Think of someone you know whose life is committed to something. Now think of someone you know who seems lost and inconsequential in the world. Which would you rather be? How would you rather appear to others?

Reason 8: It makes each day worth it so you sleep well each night. Regardless of how mundane the tasks of a day are when working on something that expresses your purpose you will rest better that night as you reflect on how you invested your energies of the day.

So, in essence, when you know your purpose, life is more meaningful and easier to navigate. Decisions are easier to make. You’re more interesting to others. All because you are much clearer on what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Your purpose is something that only you can determine for yourself. Think of all your interests, and then consider how meaningful you think each one is. Your purpose is somewhere in there waiting for you to find it. It’s never too soon or too late to find your purpose!

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