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Incorporate Regular Physical Activity Into Your Lifestyle

Finding time to get fit and stay that way is a common theme I discuss with my clients, guest blogger Monisha Iswaran from shares with us some thoughts on how to make that work…

The facts are clear and can’t be denied: regular physical activity has numerous benefits to our fitness, health and mental well being, which shouldn’t be ignored! The narrow-minded way of looking at this is that you have to be in gym for a 2 hour session everyday, in order to be getting the exercise you need. However, this is definitely not the case. In fact, there are far more time-effective ways to incorporate being active into your lifestyle - regardless of the type of life you lead. So here are a few tips to work a healthy amount of physical activity around your daily responsibilities:

For the busy professional:

When most of your time is taken up by long hours at the office, taking any moment to get some exercise into your day is important. Simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator might not seem like much, but an accumulation of such small changes can result in a higher level of fitness. Another such simple tip would be to park in a spot that requires you to walk a fair way to wherever you are going - whether this is the office in the morning, or grocery shopping on your way home. If you want to really keep track of how much activity you are getting, consider buying a pedometer to keep a close eye on your progress.

For the parent:

Being a parent to hyperactive little ones gives you the perfect chance to get active, as that is surely what your kids are wanting to do for majority of the day anyway. Consider purchasing equipment for your backyard that your kids will love, and that you can use to get fit simultaneously! One example would be a trampoline, that will not only occupy your kids for hours, but provides the perfect way for you to get some cardio. You could even get a sandpit for your backyard, that you and your little ones can play in together. Basically any activities that get you up and moving with your family is a better alternative to sitting around watching movies.

For those who work from home:

Working from home presents the dangerous possibility of sitting in a chair all day, immersed in your work, and getting very minimal physical activity done throughout the work week. Instead, come up with tactics to trick yourself into getting exercise. For example, set yourself a timer for how long you are allowed to work without taking a break and going for a walk. Also set up any gym equipment or workout gear you have nearby your study or work area so you are continuously reminded to take breaks and workout.

In conclusion, there are many ways to stay fit, active and healthy that don’t involve spending hours in the gym. So no matter what your lifestyle is, you can find a way to adopt habits that will increase your overall level of health.

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