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Just Do It: Fitting Fitness In

So the it is almost February and I am sure many reading this note would have made a self commitment that this was the year you are going to do something about your growing belly. I bet you have found really valid excuses to date to not get around to it! If so do not worry you are not a lone…

Can you relate? Do you find loads of excuses not to go out and exercise? Would you rather do anything else? Many of us are like that – here are some simple tips to help:

DIARY IT IN: Find a time that works for you (and perhaps an exercise buddy) that you block out each week, then make the commitment to value that time over most other events – we all have things come up that affect everything in our diary, but put priority on this. Most research suggest we should do at least three sessions of thirty minutes each a week, more is better, less is better then nothing!

GIVE IT AN INVITING NAME: That’s right give it a better name. Why start the process with something you don’t like? Could it not be in your dairy as ‘chatting with girls’ or ‘CFWF: chewing the fat, while I burn the fat’ or ‘jog and bitch’ – come up with something that explains the fun of it over the burden.

CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU LIKE: Many of us do not love exercise activities, but there are ways to increase our physical activity by doing things we like. Work out what they are, perhaps it a walk with friends that ends in a coffee. Maybe a touch footy game one afternoon a week. Or some self zone out time looking at the black line of the bottom of a pool. Whatever it is for you do that!

GET A MATE: You’ve herd it before, so stop hearing and start doing – find someone else to work out with. This could be a good mate or it might be just a collection of exercise buddies who you see and know only for the activity of exercise. Whatever works for you, do that, but remember being accountable to someone else in relation to your attendance is very powerful sub-consciously to motivate you to go…

DON’T SWEAT IT: So you hate being all hot and sweaty, that’s fine you can do other gentler exercise. Try yoga, tai chi, qi gong or a swim – this is not a valid excuse there are ways to improve our bodies physical extension without seating it out!

GET A TRAINER: Sometime the psychology of money can take over. Find a good trainer you like, pay them for six sessions in advance and then turn up. Trust me if you have invested hundreds of dollars in advance, it helps drive you to get out the door and attend (not to mention the added pressure of personal accountability).

JOIN A CLUB: This is not just a gym (although that works for some) but there are hundreds of walking clubs, running clubs, biking groups, social tennis teams – the list is endless. Find an activity you enjoy and then make it social with a group of others, who knows you might get more then just getting fit!


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