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Too hairy! Well he might be smart…

Flicking through some old papers today I came across an interesting paper by Dr Aikarakudy Alia, presented at the eight Congress of the Association of European Psychiatrists in 1996….

Dr Alia researched a group of 22-year old males, all of whom where medical students found that those with more body hair tended to perform better on standard academic tests. He then took this further by examining 117 Mensa members who have an IQ of at least 140 of which all had high level of chest hair; the more intelligent tending to have hair on their backs as well…

So just to check out his hypothesis that more intelligent men tend to be also hairier; Dr Alia went on to observe the body hair of boxers finding that the more successful a boxer is the less hairy he also appears…

Not so sure really what this tells us as it is understood that Albert Einstein was known to not have much, if any, body hair… so was he in the wrong profession; perhaps he could have been a world champion boxer!?

Anyway, just one of those interesting things to note – so hairy guys out there, might be worth showing off some of that chest hair rather than shaving it off!

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