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Are you re-active or pro-active with the difficulties in your life?

Life is a matter of ups and downs, but what is important is how we deal with these situations. How easy it is, when there is a difficult situation or some anxiety for us to react out of our concern or fear, thereby adding to these anxieties.

If we make a difference and take charge of our life, it is important that we take hold of the situation and become pro-active. This can be achieved by dealing with the facts as presented and then using our thoughts to change our environment and so become pro-active.

This idea is how an oyster takes hold of a grain of sand which has impeded itself inside the oyster, and instead of becoming irritated, and getting rid of the sane. It takes hold of the situation and creates a substance to coat the grain of sand which stops the irritation. Which is something also which we value as it develops into a pearl.

It is easy to become angry or blame someone or circumstances for the problem at hand, thus giving the responsibility over to someone else. Unfortunately, by doing this we miss an opportunity to release our own power in a constructive way and so be in control of our life.

If you find it hard to stop that continual fear and anxiety that threatens your sense of security (and your ability to be pro-active) you will find value in a one-on-one session. This time specifically is designed to help you gain understanding about the dynamics of personal power, giving you freedom in your life.

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