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Jump Your Way Into A New You

A series of research projects have all concluded that exercise actually changes our personality… It has been confirmed that being more physically active tends to bring people more out of themselves as they develop a sense of confidence which tends to be expressed in ways such as: being more extraverted, more conscientious of others, more agreeable and more option to new experiences and ideas… that’s right exercise can actually make someone a nicer a person! (Know anyone you want to buy a gym membership for…) A study title: 'Phsycial activity in older age: perspectives for healthy ageing and fraitly' by Jamie S. McPhee, David P. French, Dean Jackson, James Nazroo, Neil Pendleton, and Hans D

Incorporate Regular Physical Activity Into Your Lifestyle

Finding time to get fit and stay that way is a common theme I discuss with my clients, guest blogger Monisha Iswaran from shares with us some thoughts on how to make that work… The facts are clear and can’t be denied: regular physical activity has numerous benefits to our fitness, health and mental well being, which shouldn’t be ignored! The narrow-minded way of looking at this is that you have to be in gym for a 2 hour session everyday, in order to be getting the exercise you need. However, this is definitely not the case. In fact, there are far more time-effective ways to incorporate being active into your lifestyle - regardless of the type of life you lead. So here are a few

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