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MAMIL’s are taking over the world!

If your neighbourhood is like most I visit in the developed communities around the world, you would have noticed an ongoing increase in the number of men in lycra riding bikes or jogging to the pool and the like. Why? It is simple, men hate being fat too! I was recently reading some concerning figures that suggest as many as 10,000 men in Australia are living with an eating disorder; while a UK study found that one in 10 men reported to be struggling with bigorexia, which is psychological condition where one believes themselves to be too small i.e. not enough muscle mass nor enough muscle tone. So, what’s causing this? The answer is as you would expect more and more men and boys are highly

How To Avoid The Office Flu

Did you know that cold and flu season costs economies millions of dollars a year with some figures being suggested as much as US$40 billion. This great article by Ally Feiam first published gives some truly practical tips to avoid your company being one of the infected groups… The dreaded flu. It gets around, and it gets around faster when you’re at the office. Crowded and stuffy, the office is the epicentre for getting sick. Since the cold season is in full swing, here are a few easy ways you can avoid the flu at the office. Avoid Close Contact At work, it can be hard to avoid people. However, during the cold and flu season, it’s best to steer clear from others. This doesn’t

You’ve got a killer smile…

A smile has been the advice so many things in our lives over the years: Win them over and always answer the phone with a smile in your voice. How to beat a complaining customer? Kill them with kindness and smile politely! When the going gets tough, just suck it up and smile. So, what is the perfect smile to get through it all? The answer might surprise you… A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota - Nathaniel E. Helwig, Nick E. Sohre, Mark R. Ruprecht, Stephen J. Guy, Sofía Lyford-Pike – undertook an interesting research process where they used a copputer-animated 3D facial tool facial tool to investigate how dynamic properties of a smile are perceived. With this too a s

So how do you keep good staff?

We came to realise many many years ago that pay was not really a high item in the agenda as to why staff stayed or left a job… Sure we acknowledge that few people can go to work for no pay and that all employees have expenses outside of the office that means a certain level of base pay is required. However, exiting interviews from the 1980’s first identified that pay rate was not a really high factor in peoples’ decisions to leave a company. So why did people choose to stay at a company? Coming back to the very early trends we started to identify through exiting interviews in the 80’s we herd common statements around “a positive team” or “a sense of belonging” or “places of opportunity” –

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