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Start the Day Right: Power of Ritual

Rituals are important acts that tend to deepen our sense of awareness by connecting us to our emotional and spiritual health. I believe this happens because you get to enjoy the luxury of time you have gifted to yourself... This week I was lucky enough to share along with many other great Australians what morning rituals they practice and how it helps set up their day for success... Take a look here: Morning Routine Tips From These Successful Business People

How to survive long haul flights

With my work in the role of Executive Coach I find more and more of us live with the reality that much of the working year means lots of time at airports and on planes; Ally Feiam shares with use some tips on how to survive these long haul flights… Going from A to B isn’t as easy as it seems. Flights from Australia (especially south-east Australia; I’m looking at you, Melbourne) to pretty much anywhere in the world can sometimes take over twenty-four hours, so here are some tips to help you survive those long hauls, and arrive on foreign soil feeling refreshed. Have A Good Night’s Sleep An essential tip for avoiding jet lag is getting a good night’s sleep a few days leading up to the flight.

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