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Feeling Burnout

So we all feel it, but do we recognise the signs that we are heading towards burnout? Today I got to spend some time with the team at the Daily Edition chatting about this very topic… Here are 9-common signs to watch out for: Chronic fatigue and ongoing tiredness Finding it hard to relax and recharge (even when you do the things that usually work in such circumstances) Every issue small or big seems a bigger issue then it really is Lost in a sense of inefficiency Feeling forever disengaged with people and things around you Getting sick more easily and more often A sense of too many demands without the resources to fulfil them Cannot let go of drive to get it right all the time (no matter ho

Demist the Brain Fog

What causes that cloudy feeling in your head when you are trying to remember? This is a question the team at The Morning Show (Channel 7) wanted to talk about this morning… Besides a good night out consuming chemical substances of various sorts – tiredness, stress, anxiety and most of the adverse emotions will cause this problem. Some neat ways to beat it are: Get a good nights rest at least 5 nights week: That’s right most people need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night and studies suggest it is best for a healthy adult to get this sleep between 2200 hours and 0600 hours. Get up stretch and move every 90 minutes: Our body needs movement to help our oxygen do its thing for our brain so m

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