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Demist the Brain Fog

What causes that cloudy feeling in your head when you are trying to remember? This is a question the team at The Morning Show (Channel 7) wanted to talk about this morning…

Besides a good night out consuming chemical substances of various sorts – tiredness, stress, anxiety and most of the adverse emotions will cause this problem.

Some neat ways to beat it are:

  • Get a good nights rest at least 5 nights week: That’s right most people need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night and studies suggest it is best for a healthy adult to get this sleep between 2200 hours and 0600 hours.

  • Get up stretch and move every 90 minutes: Our body needs movement to help our oxygen do its thing for our brain so make sure you get up and move often (at least every 90-minutes).

  • Change your mental space regularly: Yes change the environment so that it stimulates your thinking, but also think about something else. In another words do not flog a dead horse on a topic, when stumped or bored move onto another subject / task.

  • Eat fresh often: We are what we eat, this is an old truth – so eat for your brain and have fresh food that boost brain activity.

  • Review your bloods annually: That’s right have blood test every year – we know lots of things can affect our thinking, so having benchmarks of our blood sugar levels, our iron, etc. helps us know when an issue developed if one is developing and what might be the best solution at the time.

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