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Activities for Youth Groups

We are often asked for ideas on how to engage young people during school breaks or at camps; if this interests you be sure to look for our #games or #play, but here are some more thoughts…

There are various activities that the groups of young people can do especially during the summer. These activities for youth groups can help them in developing their personalities, talents, and skills.

Before anything else, the parents and the young person themselves should search for an appropriate group. It should be a group that the is of interest otherwise engagement will be hard, if not impossible. And, sorry careers but never force your child to join a group that do not like.

It is always important and even more so when planning personal growth activities for parents and careers of children to have an open line of communication. As careers, you know your child quite well and you know the things that they are interested in – so prompt and encourage, but do not force…

Now, what are the possible activities that the various youth groups can do?

During summer, many like go to the beach. Group games can be played on the beach like volleyball, basketball, cricket and many other more. The benefit of group games can help in improving teamwork and the confidence of everyone participating. It also can inject the healing giggle hormones into the brain that many young people benefit from after what could have been a stressful and anxious school year.

There are still other activities aside from group games on beautiful beaches. How about all the members of the youth group conduct a clean and green project in a certain area of your community. They can do tree planting or simply clean the surroundings. The people of the neighbourhood will surely be happy that the group is helping in maintaining the clean surroundings.

Outreach programs are also powerful. We cannot deny it, there are less fortunate people living in all our communities. The group can contribute seconds clothing and toys. The strategy is best if we let the young people themselves plan and manage the program - they must choose recipients – this challenge can really mature a person as they learn to reflect on how lucky they are, and how tough choices must be made as they focus on distributing resources to who is most “worthy” of receiving the gift. The joy in the faces of the recipients is enough to give the group fulfillment and happiness. Aside from the used clothing and toys, you can even include food items and medicine.

If the members of the youth group reside in one location, you can conduct a sports fest where they can play their favorited sports. The parents and careers can even join if they like. This way, the young people and their careers can have a better bonding experience.

What’s the benefit of groups for my child?

As a member of a group, children will learn how to deal with different kinds of people. Socializing is important and young people need to socialize with a variety of people to help them grow social confidence, as well as ready them for future workplace experiences. If you can find a diverse group in your community, encourage your child to join and don’t be shy to let them know, you’re only after the best interest for them.

What if I don’t like or trust the friends of my child?

Know all your child’s friends. You know the saying: birds of the same feather flock together. If you fear that one friend might be a bad influence your child, talk to your child about this. Create a safe space with them and yourself, best alone but maybe with one other trusted friend. Then share what’s on your mind and why you think that those individuals are not good influence and now LISTEN to your child’s reason for befriending these individuals – you too might learn something new...

As parents and careers, place trust in the wisdom of your child and rest assure that the young person is on the right track. Don’t discourage them if they want to join the activities that raise fear within you. You should be happy for them because the activities can change the life of your child for the better; just agree on safety boundaries.

Good luck with the finding the “right” activities. Young people should enjoy their life while they are still young, in ways that do not harm them and risk those around them.

The article was first published on The Poppet Centre


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