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MAMIL’s are taking over the world!

If your neighbourhood is like most I visit in the developed communities around the world, you would have noticed an ongoing increase in the number of men in lycra riding bikes or jogging to the pool and the like. Why? It is simple, men hate being fat too!

I was recently reading some concerning figures that suggest as many as 10,000 men in Australia are living with an eating disorder; while a UK study found that one in 10 men reported to be struggling with bigorexia, which is psychological condition where one believes themselves to be too small i.e. not enough muscle mass nor enough muscle tone.

So, what’s causing this?

The answer is as you would expect more and more men and boys are highly exposed to an alarming level of images that portray an image of the ‘perfect body’ the ‘sexy’ ‘it’ look that is not the same as most people’s mirror reflection. Which in turn connects to self-confidence issues that are for many of us there anyways…

What to do then?

It’s much the same as all issues related to weight management and body image – we need to take some time to be practical… What is realistically and ideal body for you? Consider all that is your world – your genetics, your body type and height, your love of food, your lifestyle limitation i.e. how busy you are in an average week… Then let’s get a healthy weight measurement within this framework; then develop a exercise and eating plan that works within such limitations!

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