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So, you know it’s time to cut back on the grog…

More and more research is showing that many of us drink a little too much alcohol… and I say a little as we seem to connect more with the heavy drinkers and point the finger to suggest that ‘I am not one of them!’ So, this may be true but then how do we know if too much is too much?

I was lucky today to have this chat with Darren de Mello on 6PR 882 this morning just about this…

How much is too much to drink?

The reality is the science is out on this question, men and women process alcohol in different ways; we know our body size and shape affects this as well. For a guide, and it is just a guide DrinkAware UK offer a cute little scale measurement here.

But I say, we all are capable of listening to our bodies… if you feel heavy, tired, are gaining weight, have confidence linked to having a drink while socialising – then these are signs that maybe you are having too much…

What to do if you want to lower your intake?

My biggest tip to anyone if you are wanting to move towards lower intakes of alcohol then there a few steps we can take:

  1. First look at the habit – what is your habitual behaviour and when is alcohol a part of that? Once you can define this then your great challenge is change the routine that is linked to the habit!

  2. Secondly take a look at what you are drinking – I know socialisation in many parts of the world is built around having a few drinks with friends… Maybe review your tastes and see if maybe a lower alcohol content beverage would be a wiser choice. And don’t be shy to break the mould – it is way-tots-cool (notice that hip language) to have a coke when you are at the pub with friends rather than a beer.

  3. Thirdly I suggest plan your drinking. What I mean here is if you know that you are coming into a time of big celebration and that larger amounts of drinking will be involved then take care of your body before and after – give yourself some low alcohol times in the year. Maybe take advantage of Dry July, and further to this make every third drink a glass of water – your body will thank you for it and it will help to slow down the amount of grog you consume in one social setting…

To listen to more click here.

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