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Is your home the perfect space for work-life-balance?

Recently I was about some of the best ways to design a work space at home that does not infringe on our home life… yes that allusive question of work-life-balance and how by working at home, how do we achieve the balance…???

It is a hard one and for those who know me well I could have gone on about the feng shui issues to consider, but I did not. Instead I followed my other favourite rant and detailed the importance of separate space…

My tip for all of us if we are ever working from home we really cannot do this from the kitchen table, we must create a separate nook or at least a specific desk that is all about work. Why? For me it’s simple, it’s about creating a mindset around the space so that tasks and actions related to that mindset automatically come as you enter the space.

Some tips to help create a work specific space:

  1. Have a unique style to chair different from the rest of the furniture.

  2. Similar but a work specific writing desk used only for work.

  3. Have different coloured flooring in a certain work corner.

  4. Use bookshelves to separate a nook off from the rest of the lounge room.

  5. Have a floating bench in the corner of the kitchen that holds the ‘work laptop’ then wheel it over to the table to work from only for work.

  6. If you are lucky enough convert a spare room to be a study / office. Some people decorate the garage and choose to leave the car on the road.

Most of all keep it separate!!!

Follow the article here by Monisha Iswaran here who also includes some really cool insights by others.

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