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Some Tips for Coping with Grief (and sharing it with children...)

After the tragedy of the past few days I was invited today to chat with guys on The Daily Edition about ways of coping with grief and talking through the events of what has happened with the Malaysian Airlines…

One of the key things is to actually understand grief – here is a link to my YouTube channel talking about grief specifically:

But if you are looking for some quick pointers here are six practical objectives to keep in mind when you are confronted with a sense of loss and grief:

  1. Acknowledge the sense of sadness and face the feeling head on.

  2. Express what it is you are feeling – do not bottle it up – it might be sadness so cry, it might be anger so get cranky, it may be a sense of confusion so ask questions… Whatever you feel express it!

  3. Make sure you do not ignore the physical of grief – sometimes we need to let out the emotion through our physical self. Go for a swim, have brisk walk, eat. But then also be sure not to overdo it all – keep yourself physically well.

  4. Know what you feel is right for you. Ignore well-meaning mates who want to tell you how you should feel. Be you in this moment.

  5. Understand that the grief will have triggers – watch out for those and plan for them. Be aware that little things such smells, places, colours will trigger a memory, which can trigger the emotion again. Be ready for it.

If you want to see my discussion on the TV click here or watch below....

Further tips on grief and other emotions can be found in my ‘Worksheets’ tab of the Resource Centre of this website.

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