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It’s only natural to want to be touched sometimes

That’s right it is natural human desire to be touched – we all need to be hugged, kissed, tickled and as adults it’s just fine to want to be shagged!

An all too familiar pattern that enters long term relationships, particularly those that have children in the household, is that we stop being physically intimate; yet continue to have the desire for a good f**k – don’t let this become a problem in your home…

Make an effort to feel sexy as well as to be attractive to your partner. Talk about sex and your desire for it (or sometimes not). Be bold and brave to open up the discussion to explore different things… Just because we are parents it does not mean that we have to be celibate nor boring in the bedroom.

Be brave and celebrate your body – honour your partners’ identity – and have sex regularly!

NB: First published at The Poppet Centre

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