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Cold & Flu Tips

Three Yoga techniques that work....

1. Big Cleaning Breath

The Big Cleansing Breath helps expel all stale air from the lungs, resulting in deeper more effective breathing for the person. By increasing the oxygen content it has a purifying effect on the lungs and whole body.

It’s easy.....

Stand with feet widely apart - stretch your arms upwards (parallel) - open your fingers widely apart pointed to the sky - breathing in, stretch fully as high as you can - then breathe out forcefully through the mouth exhaling the air out in loud gasping sounds ha! ha! ha! while bending at the waist and stretching downwards - bend just as far as the body will naturally allow - pause in this position relax - when ready breath in again stretch up as high as you can go and start the cycle. Repeat this exercise a couple of times, but be careful not to over do it and get giddy!

2. Immune Stimulation

Breathe in deeply and hold the breath. Whilst holding this breath tap gently on the chest with clasped fist and gently exhale. This exercise also helps clear the lungs and stimulates the bodies natural immunity to combat infection. Repeat the exercise as many times as you feel comfortable. You may have tendency to cough whilst exhaling, this is good as it is the bodies way of releasing mucus build-up in the air passages.

3. Neti

Neti is an ancient yoga technique designed to clear the nasal passage and strengthen the sinus’. It is a very simple exercise but often needs coaching from a qualified Yoga Coach. The process involves breathing through the nose in with the head slightly tilted whilst allowing the warm salt water to flow from a specifically designed Neti Pot (these can be purchased at any good health service). The water is then guided through the nasal passage through a series of head movements and breathing. Most importantly you must release the moisture by practice a series of sniffing exercises immediately after the water has been release from the nose. Sounds terrible, but has benefited thousands over the centuries - this technique is simple to master, but best advised through a Yoga Coaching session.


1. Good Old Vit. C

Dr Linus Pauling’s one of the fore-fathers of nutritional research found that vitamin c plays an integral role in the prevention and treatment cold and flus.

2. Zinc

Studies by Doctors in Texas found that zinc shortens the duration of symptoms of cold and flus. Zinc has also been found to have a great influence on the immune system’s response.

It’s important to check with a local Naturopath, Nutrionalist or Herbalist about what is the most effective means and correct dosage for your needs.

Best methods to enjoy your herbs.....

  • Warm herbal teas are very soothing and it is a good idea to squeeze a little fresh lemon into them with honey.

  • Lemongrass tea is particularly effective in this cold and flu season as it helps stimulate circulation which leads to flushing toxins and increasing vitality.


Essential oils are of great value in reducing symptoms of colds & flu - as a bonus the relief comes with a heavenly aroma, mmm....

Essential oils can also be used as a preventative in the office - burning helps improve the oxygen absorption and disinfecting the air. It also cleans the nasal passage through natural process of breathing. Also oils are great to stimulate the mind, relax the body and uplift the general mood of the office, in fact many office report feelings of invigoration and productivity improvement.

In a strong and positive ambience our natural resistant to colds and flues is increased dramatically. Following are a couple of blends you can try.....

  • Take a base oil (we recommend almond, apricot kernel or grape seed)

  • add 5 drops of pine oil and 3 drops of cajeput; or

  • add 3 drops of lemongrass and 3 drops of neroli; or

  • 5 drops of Australian Eucalyptus and 5 drops of lavender or orange oil.

Essential oils are also fast and effective remedies when applied to reflex points. It is best to check out your local Aromatherapist or Reflexology Therapist which are the best points for your symptoms. A good Therapist will also check your body for specific recommendations that will suit your symptoms.

Influenza Vaccination

The vaccines are developed from the outbreaks of influenza that are found in the Northern hemisphere. Scientists predict what types of influenza that are prevalent and make the vaccines according. This year, the vaccine is made up of three types of virus - A Beijing, A Sydney and B Beijing. This vaccine will help combat the predicted outbreak. The vaccine currently being marketed will only work on the above three strains of influenza.

Why immunise?

There are heaps of reasons why to immunise against the flu:

  • extra protection

  • people at risk should be vaccinated, these include people with heart and kidney disease, those people that are immunocompremised, people with diabetes, the elderly and those who live an indigenous culture.

  • Influenza is a nasty condition that can lead to more serious illnesses like pneumonia and respiratory failure, so its a good idea to take all preventative measures possible!

Remember that several people in Southern parts of Australia have been struck down a Type A Sydney virus already resulting in hospitalisation.

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