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Sensual Massage: a step-by-step guide to

February 27, 1998



Setting The Scene


Make the environment as warm and comfortable as you can.  Use thick soft towels to cushion your partners weight.  The massage can take place on the floor, a table or on the bed.  Next to the area burn some oils - a soft smell is best try lavender, rose or make a blend.


Finally, pre-warm the massage oil by rubbing it between your palms before applying.  Search around for a body oil you and your partner like the smell of, some stores stock a great range of fragrance oils called Sensual, Euphoric and Trance.  Each when applied help stimulate the desired response.


What To Wear


Nudity can be a turn on, but also if to soon a turn off.  So wear something you are comfortable in, I would suggest cotton underwear and a matching tank top - daggy but groovy.  Remember most guys are highly visual so if your partners male what your wearing will help create the mood.




Neck & Back


Place your partner on his stomach with a small cushion, pillow or folded towel under his pelvis.  Then position yourself at the side of the body or for more comfort I’d suggest part his legs slightly and kneel between them.


Your first objective should be to put your partner at ease, so go for the tense spots.  Usually men store stress around their neck and shoulders, so give him a good rub down using clockwise circular motions on each side of the spine from the top all the way down to the spine.


Don’t be to rough, as this will loose the mood, but be firm.  Place your palms flat across the lower back and upper buttock area and slide your hands up the sides of the spine to his neck, then glide down his arms.  Repeat this move regularly each time moving further out from the spine towards the side of his body.


When you sense he has lost much of the tension become more gentle and rhythmic.  Perhaps continue with feather like strokes of the spine for a while by using the middle finger of each hand, tenderly alternated with long, continuos, downwards sweeps.  If used gently men love the feel of finger nails against their skin, so don’t be shy to make soft swirl patterns all over his body especially the back and buttocks, a great way to close.




An often overlooked erogenous zone.  Stimulation of the large muscles in the buttocks can increase a man’s libido.  Start by squeezing some warm oil onto the cheeks and slide your fingertips all over his bottom from the tail bone round to the scrotum.  After that, quick firm chops all over the buttocks followed by a light plucking of the flesh between your thumb and fingers will get him going.  Also don’t forget the annal area, men have a high concentration of nerve endings in this spot.  So if he’s willing a gentle massage around this area will be very exhilarating.  Using more oil, lightly rub over and around his anus with the pad of your middle finger, penetration can be tempting but if not welcomed will reck the whole moment.




When lying on his back the first point of call should always be the face and scalp.  Men don’t always associate the face with massage, so do it well as this will be a sensual surprise for him.  Position yourself behind your partners head and softly caress his cheeks, forehead, eyelids and eyebrows.  Gently run your fingers through his hair, paying particular attention to his temples and the bit behind his ears.  With feather light pressure, use the whole hand to stroke down the neck from the ears to his inner arms.  Take time to slowly caress the highly sensitive inner part of his elbows (this is another part of the male body often not caressed).




Apply plenty of warm oil to the chest.  Then, using your fingertips, firmly rub into the bony indentations that run from his neck to his rib cage.  Don’t be shy of his nipples, most men love their nipples being caressed with as it is a highly sensitive spot.  Lightly press and pluck them between your thumb and index finger, be careful not to pinch.