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After a clever one? Go for the hairy chest man!

When choosing who to start a famliy with then some primal instincts kick in, with many of us wanting children that are not only ‘good looking’ (whatever that means) but also intelligent…

So if you are out on the hunt looking for someone to to fulfill the intelligence desire then choose a man with a hairy chest!

Dr Aikarakudy Alias, a Saint Louis Missouri based psychiatrist who has been researching the the link between body hair and intelligence for more then 25-years has been made an antidotal link that a hairy chest on a man is more common amongst highly educated men then the general population.

So how did he come up with this?

His research amongst medical students in America found that 45 per cent of male trainee doctors were "very hairy", compared with less than 10 per cent of men generally.

Further investigations in Kerala, southern India, of research among medical and engineering students and manual labourers showed that both groups of students had more body hair on average than manual workers.

To check this out Dr Alias looked at the academic rankings of a group of engineering students which found the top students had more body hair than the students who ranked lower.

But wait there is more…

Not wanting to stop there Dr Alais conducted a study with Mensa surveing a selction of 117 Mensa members (who have an IQ of at least 140) were also found to have a tendency to thick body hair. Some of the most intelligent men appeared to be those who had hair on their backs as well as on their chests.

To benchmark this the good doctor undertook an obersavational study of world champion boxers; after examining pictures of top-ranked boxers, he has found that the world champions were less hairy than non-champions.

So does this mean a smooth chested man is not so clever?

Of course not. There is eception to every rule and no study is inflabale – Einstein himself did not have a hairy chest, he reportaedly had no body hair at all... But interesting stuff hey!

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