Resveratrol Capsules - P99 (60s)

Resveratrol Capsules - P99 (60s)


Resveratrol by Haroni-T Performance is for people who simply want taking 1000mg or more of resveratrol daily without any potential side effect from using low purity products, we have this lab tested high purity P99 resveratrol capsules at the best price. These are 99% pure and have 505mg in each standard serving (due to purity 500mg is trans-resveratrol).

If you prefer even higher absorption but take less resveratrol pills daily, you would choose our Micro500 (micronized 98%) resveratrol.


Package: 60 vegetarian capsules sealed in 1 bottle/box

Standard serving size: 2 capsules (99% Resveratrol 506mg, trans-resveratrol 500mg, equals to 500 bottles of wine). 

Recommended use: 1 capsule a day in the morning, 60 day supply.

Storage: in fridge, avoid light.


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