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Du's Tea

Du's Tea


Du's Tea by Harmoni-T Performance is sourced from Du's tree which belongs to an ancient plant class and is over 2 million years old. Most of them located in Asia, Europe and North America had been unable to survive the 4th Ice Age, except a small amount in North Asia, still found there today. The tree is commonly referred to as “The Living Fossil” by modern geologists. The leaves and bark from the Du's tree has been recorded in ‘Herbal Canon’ and ‘Compendium of Material Medical’ as being “The Rare Healing Materials”, and with having a high reputation over the past 2000 years. Modern scientists discovered the leaves of Du's tree to be very rich in powerful, health-promoting nutrients, including β-D-dextrose, chlorogenic acid, aucubin, amino acids, and various minerals, which are very beneficial to cardiovascular health.  


  • Shown to assist lowering blood pressure continuously.*
  • Calming effect, helps promote quality sleep.*
  • Assists in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*
  • Antioxidant properties.*
  • Boosts immunity, increases endurance.*
  • Promotes healthy kidney and may help increase libido.*
  • May help promote liver detox and support liver balance.*


*Du's Tea is 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine.

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