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CleanCo Tea

CleanCo Tea


CleanCo by Harmoni-T Performance tea is a 100% natural blend formulated to help remove accumulated wastes from the body and restore a healthy balance to the overall chemistry of the human body. The overall product is formulated specifically to help enhance digestive and immune function, and to endow you with overall higher energy levels and healthier complexion.


CleanCo tea’s detoxification result is not based on promoting significant diarrheal experience, making it unique in the marketplace. This can be unsafe, causing needless suffering anaemia, dehydration and possibly even also leading to dependence. Rather than delivering simply constipation relief results, CleanCo tea is designed to help enhance the overall function of the body in long term in many ways.*


  • Help promote healthy body cleansing and detoxification.*
  • May help relieve constipation, flatulence and pains.*
  • Assist in eliminating diarrheal due to stagnation of digestion.*
  • May help promote healthy digestion.*
  • May boost immune systems.*
  • May assist healthy skin.*
  • May assist with alcohol detoxification.*
  • Has been shown antiperspirant benefits.*
  • May help promote healthy liver and kidney.*


*Disclaimer: CleanCo tea is a 100% natural herbal based product. It is not a prescription medicine. It is not intended for use in preventing, curing or treating any diseases or ailments. Testimonials and reviews appearing on this site are genuine reviews verified by third parties. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used CleanCo tea. However, they are individual results and results do vary, depending on age, lifestyle, daily food intake, causes of the symptoms and the amount of the product being consumed. We do not claim that they are typical and guaranteed results that every single consumer will achieve.

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