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It has long been said that “The way you look outside reflects your health inside.” This means that the solution to clearing up your complexion lies within.


Claritea by Harmoni-T Performance is a 100% natural cleansing formula helps to remove and eliminate toxins from the body and maintain a healthy complexion.


The tea assists with not only the symptom of the problem, but also the source that is hidden inside, and leaves you feeling healthier and happier with clear and beautiful skin on a healthy body.


  • May assist in eliminating acne, pimples, melasma and oily skins.*
  • May promote healthy skin and radiant glow.*
  • Has been shown to assist with skin inflammatory.*
  • May help relief of summer cold and boost immune systems.*
  • May help promote a calm mood.*
  • May contribute to natural and healthy weight management.*
  • May promote healthy liver and lung.*
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