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Relationship Recovery Coaching

"I believe connection is the essence of the human is what gives meaning to our lives."

[Brene Brown]

6 tips on how to have a strong relationship

How does it work?


Working from the insights of science-based profilers and insightful tools, Relationship Recovery Coaching with Shane Warren is designed to enhance the well-being of your relationships.


You will be walked through specific skill-building tools that our assessment profiler shows may be lacking in the dynamic between you and your partner.

Your Commitment...


We deliver this program through a marathon therapy approach, so you are invited to make a strong commitment over a short period of time.


After our first appointment connecting with one another, here’s how it looks:


Step 1: After you secure your booking - you are each invited to complete intake questionnaires (this can take up to 45-minutes).


Step 2: You each undertake a 45-minute private one-on-one with me.


Step 3: Together we walk through three couple sessions over the proceeding 12-days focusing on specific skill-building tools or psychoeducation strategies that the profiler assessments have highlighted.  These sessions tend to go for 90-minutes each.

Do you and your partner need to ‘improve’ your lives together?

Is separation and divorce not something you feel is right, but you know something needs to be ‘fixed’?

Does the thought of reconnecting with your partner for a greater sense of happiness resonate strongly with you?


If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, then perhaps our Relationship Recovery Coaching Program is just what you need…

A Thousand Years | Christina Perri | feat. Steve Kazee

Tools We Use:


We acknowledge that there are a number of profiler tools that guide the work we do.  Most notably the three ‘diagnostic assessments’ we have you complete are:



By combining the insights gained through each of these tools your coach is better able to focus on areas within your relationship that need enrichment.  These areas can range from communication to aspiration, to values engagement, to sex, broader physical intimacy, and much more…

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