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Meet Shane Warren

Shane Warren is a registered psychotherapist, certified practicing hypnotherapist and certified practicing coach; with private practices in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.  He has been working with people to over come addiction since 1994 and brings to the relationship hundreds of hours working with people who have different motives to break their habbit.


This program is best delivered over a brief period of time and undertaken in person-to-person sessions.   Many clients who have succeeded with thisprogram have achieved after trying many different approaches - so book now if you are really ready to give up smoking...


Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services

Quit Smoking with Shane Warren

Smoking is by far one of the most challenging habits to kick, but like all habits, it can be overcome…


This program is not a one-hit-wonder hypnosis treatment to chase tobacco out of your life.  Instead, I like to work with you over a short but intensive 4-session-period where we re-invent your world without the smokes!


I find by combining the use of psychotherapy, coaching, hypnotherapy and bodywork we are able to achieve a permanent outcome to overcome the urge to smoke.


How long is a session?


I ask that you accommodate 90-minutes in your diary for each session, sometimes we will be briefer then that but I like it that we do not have to rush through the process.


What about if I travel, how can I fit it in?


We all live busy lives and it does often restrict the commitments we can make to such intensive programs – my approach here is to work with you; we will find a away to achieve the goal working within the schedule you have.


How do you combine the modalities of support?


This is a bit like ‘how long is a piece of string’ – each person is individual so each program works on a model of support that works for you; however, most sessions will involve a hypnosis process supported by active coaching and clinical counselling challenges to help break habits.

Discount Code: QuitSmokes1
Quit Smoking Timeline

Watch above to find out what happens to your body once you start to stop filling it with nicotine.

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Discount Code: QuitSmokes1
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