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Weight Management with Shane Warren

Weight Management with Shane Warren

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My Weight Management System is a complete weight program with all the support you need to develop a positive new set of beliefs and actions to optimise your long-term health, wellbeing and manage your weight.... This IS NOT a shakes and starvation approach! 
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    How does it work? The program requires a 90-day commitment from you and involves working closely with myself during that time to overcome your emotional attachment to food (or the “fat brain” theory if you want to Google it). During the process, you will be required to be open to the possibilities of hypnosis, trying some new recipes for quick and easy healthy meals and commit to practicing the 4-3-2-1 power-packed workout daily. In the first 30-days we wil subscribe to a rapid weight loss program so we can gain confidence as we see results quickly. You will also be supplied with 30-days of vitamins and nutrients to help with cravings and weight loss; these are not drugs but scientifically formulated supplements to aid in the weight loss process. In the following 60-days we continue with the 4-3-2-1 power-packed workout on a daily basis while investing time and energy into modifing our mindset, the relatioship we have with food and the trigger events that often send us for the 'cookie jar'.... Sessions usually take 90 minutes each and initially consultations need be in person face- to-face. After we have moved further down the path we can explore working together online.
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