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Stress Management with Shane Warren

Stress Management with Shane Warren

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Stress is probably the most overused word yet misunderstood feeling we confront in our daily lives… This service will provide you with the opportunity to better understand how stress can serve you well. As well as teach you ways to cope better while de-stressing with methods that suit you...
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    How does it work? With Stress Management I call upon all my studied disciplines to help the individual reduce personal stress levels and maintain an essential level of health. Such a strategy can combine a variety of modalities from traditional counselling and coaching to orthodox or natural and alternative medicines. Depending on the individual situation, I may introduce a variety of techniques such as Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Analysis, Naturopathy and Massage, as well as life skills training. We work on a 12-session model and my overall gaol is to reduce personal stress in a way, which suits your own lifestyle, family and work situations. So together we will sit back and look at your life, identify the "stress areas" and your perceptions of those stressors, and then develop a program, which concentrates primarily on those areas.
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