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Gremlins of the Mind

Gremlins of the Mind

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A guide to PSH Therapy for Subconscious Change Dr Lindsay Duncan
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    Gremlins of the Mind – PSH Therapy for Subconscious Change is a definitive text on PSH Therapy and how it is used by Dr Duncan. As a participant in the first ever training course in PSH, and subsequently as a trainer of new PSH therapists, Dr Duncan is well-placed to write this text. It is a mix of theory and actual case studies, explaining the client’s experience of PSH. Chapter headings include: PSH in the Context of Contemporary Therapies Psychiatry and PSH The Myth of Living Happily Ever After The Mystery of Your Subconscious Mind What is PSH Therapy and How Does it Feel? Depression – or Just Down Days Weight Loss – Low Carbs, Low Fat or High Self-esteem? Smoking – Maybe You Need to Smoke Toxic Families – Have You Been Poisoned? When Therapy Fails And After PSH Self-esteem – Self-image – Self-talk Stress – How Are You Managing?
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