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5 Day Self-Esteem Challenge

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The Love Yourself Challenge: 5 Days to More Self-Esteem… The benefits of a positive self-esteem have been strongly documented. People who hold authentic confidence in their own abilities tend to be better communicators, have more health relationships and are more successful in achieving their goals. This 5-day challenge is designed to help you take time to grow in confidence and gain higher self-esteem. Every day you’ll receive both a reflection and an action to take. The reflection is designed to motivate you to reflect on something of importance, which will motivate take action. So, if your self-esteem needs a serious boost? Then I have great news! In just 5 days, you can grow in self-esteem in ways you never thought possible. This 5 Day Self-Esteem Challenge will guide you through simple actions you can take every day that will increase both your confidence and self-esteem. So, are you in? Good luck! Shane

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