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Confidence & Success for You!

Vision + Passion - Action = frustration


Passion + Action - Vision = a busy person making little progress


Vision + Action - Passion = when things go wrong you give up


Vision + Action + Passion = SUCCESS

Career Change: The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now | Laura Sheehan | TEDxHanoi

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Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services offers a unique range of career coaching services including:  


Starting Out is a 6-session coaching model where we help you get work ready whether it be because you’ve just finished study and are putting yourself forward for jobs or maybe you are a little lost and not sure where to start… 


Dream Job Hunt is a one-off, succinct coaching model where we look intensely at what would be your dream job and then plan how we can go about securing such a role.


Return to Work is for people who have had some time out of the workforce – maybe you’ve started a family or gone back to study or had a long-deserved holiday - and are now wanting to re-enter the world of work.  This 6-session coaching strategy looks at what’s happened in your time away, what new skills you can bring to the table and what new skills you might have to develop so that we can create an action plan to get back in.


Second Career Time is for those who have been working for a while and want to re-invent themselves in a different professional field.  This 3-session coaching model looks at who we are now, where we want to go and starts the journey of asking the question of what happens next?


Legacy Transition is for people planning for retirement but don’t necessarily want to take the watch and golden handshake then run off into the sunset, this 1-session coaching model of service is designed to help you retrospectively reflect on what you have learnt and what knowledge you ‘should’ share with those coming behind you in the career world.

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