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Start the day right: DON’T PUSH THE SNOOZE BUTTON

I think we are all in the habit from time-to-time to hit snooze the button for that extra ten minutes of lying in bed “relaxing”... Well here is the thing, most of us do not relax in those ten minutes! What tends to happen is that our mind begins to wonder and sadly wonder in the direction of stress... We think about the pressure of the days ahead, the high costs of our mortgage and lifestyle, the anger or disappointment from the day before, the sadness that we find ourselves in. So, what to do? Don’t hit the snooze button – wake with the alarm and just how the alarm blasts you out of your sleep let the next step be you blasting out of bed! We have roughly 3 to 5 seconds? You see if you the

Is your home the perfect space for work-life-balance?

Recently I was about some of the best ways to design a work space at home that does not infringe on our home life… yes that allusive question of work-life-balance and how by working at home, how do we achieve the balance…??? It is a hard one and for those who know me well I could have gone on about the feng shui issues to consider, but I did not. Instead I followed my other favourite rant and detailed the importance of separate space… My tip for all of us if we are ever working from home we really cannot do this from the kitchen table, we must create a separate nook or at least a specific desk that is all about work. Why? For me it’s simple, it’s about creating a mindset around the space

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