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Just Do It: Fitting Fitness In

So the it is almost February and I am sure many reading this note would have made a self commitment that this was the year you are going to do something about your growing belly. I bet you have found really valid excuses to date to not get around to it! If so do not worry you are not a lone… Can you relate? Do you find loads of excuses not to go out and exercise? Would you rather do anything else? Many of us are like that – here are some simple tips to help: DIARY IT IN: Find a time that works for you (and perhaps an exercise buddy) that you block out each week, then make the commitment to value that time over most other events – we all have things come up that affect everything in our di

Why exercise? # 1 INCREASES YOUR FOCUS

Take a moment just now – stop – sit – listen – look… how many sounds, movements and colours are there competing for your attention? In any modern environment, we have smart phones beeping updates, advertising methods screaming at us and like days of old people talking, children fighting, partners grabbing a sneaky hug – blah, blah, blah. The thing is all of this is taking away our focus as it creates distractions for attention. Research has found that the fitter amongst us are in fact more able to shut out these distractions and focus more effectively on the task at hand… Since around 2004 several researches have considered the focus abilities fit individuals against less fit persons; anot

Why only one New Years Resolution counts

I’ve never been a great fan of lists of things that probably will not be achieved in the coming year aka New Years Resolution…. This is why there is only one resolution I suggest is worth making and that is “this year I will be the best I can possibly be to myself.” Why is this such a good idea? For two reasons: A little self-indulgence is good for us all from time-to-time; and There is a lot of great stuff that happens to us inside ourselves when we take time to do good things for others! So good luck with your new year and make sure you make it the best it can be for you and those you love…

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