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Why do people have affairs?

Since the scandal hit Ashley Madison users I’ve been asked by a number of media groups the same question, although in different ways… ‘why do people have affairs?’ The answer could be ‘how long is a piece of string?’ – but that wouldn’t help… In my experience there is really no one fixed reason people do this but there certainly is three common motivations I see in my counselling rooms: The love of the chase Boredom The need to be desired The love of the chase person is someone who genuinely finds it hard to settle with one person. The hunter in them feeds their ego by flirting and eventually ‘winning over’ the person they desire. This pattern is manageable in relationships as long as you

When is the best age to marry?

Today I was asked by some of the team at 6PR Perth this very question – it came from some research done by a team of statisticians, sociologist and other researchers… This team found that the ideal age was between 28 and 32! Why? This is the interesting stuff, what is happening at these ages that mean if we hitch-up with ‘the one’ at that time in our lives we are more likely to sustain a life-long happy commitment!?!? I would suggest much of this has to do with some strong learning’s we made in our late teens and early 20’s. This is the time when we get to play the fairytale of kissing lots of frogs before we end up kissing our prince (or pri ncess). Playing the field a little in our you

Can You Manage a Tiger Boss?

Yes the picture is a cheetah but can not find as sexy a picture of a tiger Anyone who has been in the workforce for more then five years I am sure can relate to the situation of a Tiger Boss… Characteristics of the Tiger Boss: The Tiger Boss is the leader who hovers around ready to pounce at any time! They tend to act without warning, moving from one area to another in an attempt to either distract themselves or seek out new experiences. They have a tendency to roar when they feel threatened and will go for any perceived threat like a flash of light returning to their desk a little angst but at ease with their actions. They will move around with an air of confidence and do not know what the

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