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Why are so many psychopaths the boss?

Is your boss causing you stress? Does your team have retention issues? Are there some days when you think of work and your boss you feel so deflated you want to run back to bed? Does anything sound better then a meeting with your team leader? What about the word psychopath - seem to fit their persona too easily? If yes to any of these read on... A recent study by a team of researchers from the University of Huddersfield that people with psychopathic personality traits matched with a high IQ are able disguise many of the less appealing aspects of their personality so that they can manipulate their way into positions of power and influence – in another word, strategically sweeten the ‘righ

Why do mealtimes have to be hell times?

Many parents of young children share with me that meals in there house tend to be just hell. Something that was once a time of couple connection, engagement and enjoyment with their partner has become just hell! You know I can relate - as the father of three children and a partner who comes from a culture that honors food in a way that to not eat is an act of ungrateful insult... I on the other hand have more of an opinion that the child is not going to melt into nothing if they miss one meal every now and then. But the truth is we know that mealtimes are the corner stone of family life. It is arguably true that families that eat together stay together. Some tricks I know works for us are:

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