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Desk Top Qi Gong: Maintaining Health at the Desk

Working long hours at the desk can pose a number of health problems for the health conscious. Sitting in the one position, doing repetitive tasks, working at the word processor all can contribute to neck and shoulder tension, headaches, low back problems and not to mention that spare tyre around the waist and hips that someone keeps on inflating. Traditional Chinese medicine can hold the keys to good health and vitality as well as increased productivity, creativity and concentration in the form of Traditional Chinese Qi Gong. Qi Gong (pronounced: chee gong ) is a form of gentle exercise having evolved in China well over three thousand years ago. It is performed by the subtle coordination of

Chinese Medicine & Weight Loss

I am often asked the question by prospective patients if Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will work for weight loss. My response often is that the wrong question has been asked… It is not a question so much as will TCM work for weight loss as whether the patient is willing to work along with TCM to resolve the imbalances. Chinese Medicine has so much to offer to restore imbalances and to address poor lifestyle habits, which may have caused improper weight gain. A search of most TCM textbooks will only reveal very scant reference to obesity. This is not because the Chinese people do not have this problem; they do, although in far less proportion to those reading in Western cultures. TCM t

Why Should we exercise...

Obesity Research reports that although the number of overweight people has risen significantly over the past few decades, this is not due to increased caloric consumption (energy IN), but to decreased physical activity (energy OUT). The American National Weight Control Registry reports that of 2000 people who maintained a weight loss of 30kg for longer than 6 years, almost all participated in an exercise regime, which expended an extra 2,800 calories weekly. That is equivalent to 400 calories per day, or a brisk 45-minute walk. Australian adults suffer an average of 3 colds a year. What’s making us sick? Could be all work & no play, reports the Journal of the A.M.A.. People who regularly par


The problem with sitting behind a desk all day is that it just isn’t natural. Despite having a brain big enough to warrant such a lifestyle (especially if the pay check is big enough), the human body is lagging somewhat in the development stakes. We aren’t born with a telephone receiver-holder jutting out from the side of our head; and our heads are way too heavy to hang forward over a keyboard in comfort (due to brains not dangly earrings); we aren’t born in heels and nylon stockings; and (due to a major planning oversight,) we don’t even have a pouch (which would be far more practical than the briefcase/handbag combo. for stashing documents, lipstick, tampons, lunch money, etc.) In fact, i

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