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Bravo!!!! Dr. Hunter Adams (alias Patch) has been acclaimed internationally for his work on Humour Therapy. Yes seriously. For indeed, the latest research in Psychoneuroimmunology (wow, what a mouthful) or mind-body medicine if you prefer, suggests that people can affect healing through their mental state. This is because laughter changes our mental state in a positive way, it can therefore be extremely beneficial to us. Dr Adams is a renowned physician who, as well as practicing conventional medicine uses laughter therapy; he dons a clown out fit and a funny hat to bring people out of severe depression. Maybe a ‘sick’ joke does the trick , ha ha ha ! In his healing centre, the “Gesun

Cold & Flu Tips

Three Yoga techniques that work.... 1. Big Cleaning Breath The Big Cleansing Breath helps expel all stale air from the lungs, resulting in deeper more effective breathing for the person. By increasing the oxygen content it has a purifying effect on the lungs and whole body. It’s easy..... Stand with feet widely apart - stretch your arms upwards (parallel) - open your fingers widely apart pointed to the sky - breathing in, stretch fully as high as you can - then breathe out forcefully through the mouth exhaling the air out in loud gasping sounds ha! ha! ha! while bending at the waist and stretching downwards - bend just as far as the body will naturally allow - pause in this position relax

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