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Are you re-active or pro-active with the difficulties in your life?

Life is a matter of ups and downs, but what is important is how we deal with these situations. How easy it is, when there is a difficult situation or some anxiety for us to react out of our concern or fear, thereby adding to these anxieties. If we make a difference and take charge of our life, it is important that we take hold of the situation and become pro-active. This can be achieved by dealing with the facts as presented and then using our thoughts to change our environment and so become pro-active. This idea is how an oyster takes hold of a grain of sand which has impeded itself inside the oyster, and instead of becoming irritated, and getting rid of the sane. It takes hold of the si

Cosmetic Acupuncture: The natural alternative to plastic surgery...

Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective, relatively painless treatment for help in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, dark-circles under the eyes, eczema, acne and even firming up sagging under the chin. The face is a good indicator of a persons overall health. For example wrinkles and fine lines between the brow can be related to liver problems, upper-lip wrinkles to oestrogen problems, dark circles under the eyes to kidney complaints, jowls indicate constipation or a loose bowel, sagging or creased eyelids relate to bladder problems, while eczema or acne may indicate stress. Unlike many cosmetic surgeries and expensive creams, acupuncture treats the person not just the condition. Acupun

The magical healing of oil

Essential oils when used regularly can greatly increase our awareness and appreciation of life. Most essential oils are known to have antiseptic properties. When they are used as vaporisers or as cleaning agents they will keep your home pleasantly aromatic and may also help to destroy any air borne bacteria. Recent research has confirmed the essential oil’s ability to strengthen the immune system, and keep ingestions at bay. The essential oils are believed to work in such a way that they maintain vitality and balance in all organs and systems within the body. This in turns strengthens the bodies organs and systems that are actively involved in fighting invading organisms and eliminating

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