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Open Relationship Coaching

"He that is not jealous is not in love."

[Saint Augustine]

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Opening Your Relationship:

Rules and Jealousy Boundaries


Perhaps you are just at the beginning of your relationship but don’t want to be sexually monogamous, or it’s been ‘closed’ for a long time and now you don’t want to lose each other but want to explore the physical pleasures of others…

Rules and guidelines:


Anyone considering opening their relationship open will have done a google search and found a series of recommendations continue to pop up regarding boundaries and rules.  


These “rules” zones typically include:


  • Be sure to set emotional boundaries,

  • Follow sex safety boundaries,

  • Agree on where and when of times to hook up,

  • Are there any guys that are off limits,

  • What is the agreement about how you talk about the experiences,

  • And maybe something like an idea about how often you will check in with another to see if it still feels right.


What about jealousy?


These rules or guidelines are great ways to minimize the risk of getting hurt, but there is one controlling force that when present can feel almost impossible to manage.  That is the interference of jealousy in our lives…

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The Jealousy Walk Through:


From the initial stages of trying to agree on who can do what with whom, through advanced issues such as coping with logistics and seeking comparison, every relationship sooner or later confronts jealousy – and some relationships do not survive the confrontation.


This 3-session program, with a small group of other couples, will walk you through a series of exercises designed to open up the conversation so that you and your partner can dialogue about the possibility of jealous feelings emerging; so that when you find yourselves in the throes of jealousy you have the tools to manage it before it becomes a crisis.


Our experiential emersion is designed to help you find solutions to the issues that bedevil even the most happily open relationships.

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